Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies

Stove Team Africa

The vision of Stove team Africa is to become the foremost, reputable and supplier and installer of clean cook stoves in West Africa. Stove team Africa enables local people to build safe, clean-burning, and affordable cookstoves in their own communities.

Tafirm Honey and Fruits

The vision is to promote an integrated Ananas, Citrus, Magnifera, Carica, Avocado and Coconut production through the modern cultivation methods under irrigation in prime locations in Voltaland. Acquires leasehold on 6,000ha land and develop into commercial tree farms on acquired lands in Woadze, Tsatoe and Have within five years. Establish multipurpose seedling production nurseries with scion banks within one year. Establish with Apiaries at strategic locations within the enclave. Develop financial products and system to purchase fruits and honey on a sustained basis.

Veggie Fresh

The vision is to promote the production of chemical residue-free vegetables and fruits for packaging and delivery to customers at their door-steps. Target customers are office workers in southern Ghana. Acquire a leasehold on 100 acre land and develop into modern organic and chemical residue-free vegetables production in twenty (20) locations in Voltaland within five years. Establish integrated production mechanisms for inputs and output deliverables. Develop and manage effective delivery system for supplying fresh vegetables to customers on sustainable basis. 

Pakam Consult

The project goal is to promote an integrated cashew production and the wellbeing of cashew value chain actors by upgrading and developing capacity for cashew plantation development in the Volta region of Ghana. PAKAM Cashew plans to;  Purchase tonnes of cashew nuts for sale from existing farms, Establish two (2) modern nurseries with 30ha cashew scion banks at Krachi and Adaklu with seedling production capacity of 300,000 within one year. Develop sound financial products to purchase cashew on a sustained basis.