Our Projects


Keta Lagoon Complex RAMSAR Site

Keta Lagoon lies in the far south-east of the country, near the international frontier with Togo. The area of open water varies with the season, but is estimated to be 58,000ha, stretching for 40 km along the coast and separated from the sea by a narrow ridge. Inflow into the lagoon is from three main sources: from the Todzie river (which enters and fills the neighboring Avu lagoon in wet years and overflows into Keta lagoon via several small tributaries), from the Aka and Kalikpa streams (which enter Keta lagoon directly from the north) and, to a limited extent, from the Volta river itself. The target populations of the nearby villages are estimated at 90,000 persons.

We create comprehensive awareness, management strategy formulated for promoting multi stakeholder research, habitat enhancement, site development and ecotourism within the complex. Our goal is to demonstrate habitat restoration through community led mangrove forest establishment, Aquatic resource management, indigenous woodlot establishment/tree planting, beekeeping and sustainable agriculture.

Eco lodges schemes for environment

We apply our knowledge of environmental resources and our experience of working in Volta region to identify tourism sites for Eco-lodge development. We unlock this through land supply in new and productive ways, grow different products, innovate tourism products and forge new commercial connections. Using our global networks, we connect our Eco-lodge sites to stakeholders. We also develop small Eco lodges scheme which link community resources to investors and give them access to quality management of the sites, training and markets.

Volta Business Incubator

Small Actions is facilating the development of a Volta Business Incubator as a multistakeholder tool for increasing the setting up and success of small businesses in the Volta region of Ghana. 

We support our incubatees to define their business systems, train them to implement their business plans and links them to finance and markets. We also support them at the operational and strategic level, giving them practical, day-to-day business advice, tailored to their needs and business models though our mentoring and coaching programme. The coaches or nominees also act as board members of the investee businesses, sharing best practice information on systems and standards. We also provide a co-working space for twenty (20) portfolio business annually

Facilitating Sustainable Rice Value Chains

Enhancing multi-stakeholder partnerships in Sustainable Rice Value Chains and Participatory Policy Advocacy initiatives with Smallholder Rice Producers in the Volta Region of Ghana. Through this we have provided business support services to seven rice agribusiness clusters in rain fed and irrigated rice production systes in Krachi, Nkwanta, Biakoye, Hohoe, Jasikan, Ho-Adaklu, Afife, Weta, Aveyime in the Volta region of Ghana.